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A very lightweight and tight harness for minimal covert equipment

Artikelnummer: 15-00492-01-000

A very lightweight and tight harness for minimal covert equipment carry

On the shoulder harness you can attach your normal pouches and holsters or turn it upside down and use the integrated, elastic pouches to store your gear.
Stores communication gear, baton, tear gas spray, a flashlight and other items required during surveillance and security operations
Low profile
Covert carry with open and closed jacket

  • For one radio, one CS spray can, handcuffs and a telescopic batong

  • The harness is small and thin and is carried so it cannot be seen while using an open jacket or shirt

  • The harness is comfortable despite its narrow shoulder straps. The side straps and the belt straps relieve pressure from your neck. You can place all your equipment in the harness instead of in your trouser and jacket pockets. All your equipment will be stored in one place and will be easily accessible

  • The harness is easy put on and take off

  • Side strap stops the harness sliding forward

  • On the shoulder strap a microphone can be attached

    A plate with MOOLE bands is available as an accessory, 19-00790-01-000 Arm pit panel -14. On this plate you can attach our pistol holster or any other pouch.

    Fits in:
    Radio, OCspray and telescopic baton

    Fits on:
    One size fits all

2 plates, 18 x18 cm