Pistol holster -08

  • 300 kr

Hölster till Sig 226, Glock 15 and 17 eller liknande

Artikelnummer: PHR-08B

Fits in:
Sig 226, Glock 15 and 17 or similar

Fits on:
Equipment vest, belt, leg plate or leg attachment


Safe storage, fast access, easy to silently open and close with one hand and multiple attachment options are the functions of this holster

  • Right handed pistol holster

  • Padded and plastic sheet reinforced for protection of the pistol

  • Thumb release safety strap

  • Closed bottom to minimize dirt entry while letting water and dirt out

  • Outside bands makes it possible to attach a small pouch on the outside

  • Fold back attachment system makes it possible to attach the pouch on any equipment vest, leg plate or belt